Ebit E9 6.5TH/s Bitcoin Miner Newest 14nm Asic Miner (only 1000w)

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Ebit E9 Miner adopts the latest independent developed 14nm chip, ideal hash rate can be 6.3TH/S, and power consumption ratio is 140W/T.It has low power, high hash rate advantage, and using the independent heat sink, with excellent heat dissipation. Heat sink using the latest bonding technology, shell material is more robust, to provide better protection for your machine and bring high benefit to the global miners.

Ebit E9 Miner Parameters

Ideal hash rate  6.3TH/S-2%+10%
Power consumption ratio on wall140W/T-10%+15%AC/DC 93%efficiency25℃ ambient temperature
Rated voltage   11.8V13.0V
Chip Info.   DW1227 96pcs14nm LPP process      

Power interface   4*6PIN port
Dimensions   290mm*126mm*155mm

Weight   4.2KG

Network connection   Ethernet

Operating temperature   -10℃40℃

Working humidity   5%RH95%RH (non condensing)


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