APW7 for Antminer

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Power Supply Unit (PSU)


Output DC Voltage 12.0V
Rated Current(200-240V input) 150A
Rated Power (200-240V input) 1800W
Rated Current(100-140V input) 67A
Rated Power (100-140V input) 800W
Ripple & Noise <1%
Voltage Accuracy 12.0-12.5V
Line Regulation <1%
Load Regulation <1%
Setup Time <2S
Short Circuit Protection >10mS
Input Voltage Range 100-140 /200-240V AC
Frequency Range 50/60Hz
Power Factor >0.99(full load)
Leakage Current <1.5mA220V 50Hz
Protection Low-voltage Input 80-89V AC
Output Short Circuit Yes
Output Overcurrent 150-200A
Overheat Protection Yes
Environment Operating Temperature -20-60℃
Operating Humidity 20%-90%RH(non-­‐condensing)
Altitude < 2000m
Structure Dimensions 206*110*62mm
Weight 2.0kg
Cooling System forced-­‐air cooling
Noise 43DB


APW7 Efficience CurveAPW7 Efficiency Curve(output cable loss is not included)

APW7 Output Power VS Input Voltage Derating Curve

APW7 Output Power VS Input Voltage Derating Curve


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